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The best way to serve our patients is to recognize when the addition of another layer of care is needed. With the presence of alcohol or drug use disorder, many patients exhibit signs of potential dual diagnosis.

Whether the substance addiction was the means to quiet the mental illness or numb physical pain, effective treatment must entail a focused approach for the co-occurring disorder. Consider Scottsdale Recovery Center a trusted resource, an extension of the high-level of care you already provide and what your patients deserve.

Dual Diagnosis Requires a Broad Yet Detailed Solution, Revisited

Mental Health and Medical Professionals

If a patient exhibits a biological chemical imbalance or other mental disorder, accompanied by a codependency to alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin or prescription opioid, medical detox is needed. Many patients require a lengthier treatment protocol which can include medication-assisted treatment.

Scottsdale Recovery Center can accommodate the need with options that meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for Level 3.5 Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Service and Level 2-WM Ambulatory Withdrawal Management with Extended On-Site Monitoring for Intensive Outpatient programs.

The emotional and psychological triggers inherent with addiction can be extensive and unavoidable to patients as they go through addiction rehab. Reintegrating into society through sober living and aftercare programs come with risks for substance use relapse. Couple this reality with an ongoing mental health or other medical condition and successful management of emotional and physical pain is vital to the long-term outcome.

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