Loss Of Orgasm Englewood

Loss Of Orgasm Englewood

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Treatment Of Loss Of Orgasm In Englewood

One of the commonest conditions especially among women is loss of orgasm. It comes in different forms. Some women find it difficult to orgasm while some lose interest in romance and other sexual activities. In some women, it is not total loss but partial loss. That means they orgasm about once or twice in every five times they have sex.

 Although there are several therapies for loss of orgasm in Englewood, the best approach depends on the cause. Before seeking help for loss of orgasm in Englewood, you need to understand the cause of yours.

Common causes of loss of orgasm

According to experts in the treatment of loss of orgasm in Englewood, the causes of the medical condition can be divided into two main parts – physical and psychological but most of the causes are psychological. Here are some of them.

Insufficient stimulation

If the clitoris and other sensitive part of the genitalia do not get enough stimulation during sex for over a long time, it may eventually lead to loss of orgasm. So, as a woman, if your partner does not give you enough stimulation, you should discuss it with.

You can also decide to make use of vibrators and other sex toys but don’t do it frequently as the toys are addictive.

Anxiety about sexual performance

When you are not sure if your sexual performance is good enough for your partner, this anxiety can lead to loss of orgasm. At this point, it is important to state categorically that orgasm is function of the mind. When you are anxious, instead of concentrating on the pleasure, your mind will focus on your partner’s satisfaction.

The possibility of losing him to someone else may also heighten the fear. The main solution to this is to talk it over with your partner. Seek assurance from him. And seek professional advice on how to improve your sexual performance.

Depression or other mood disorders

Mood disorders can also lead to loss of orgasm. This is because both conditions are affected by the state of the mind. The solution to this is clear. Once you cure the causal ailment, your orgasm will normalize albeit gradually.

Problems with your physical health can also lead to loss of orgasm if it persists for too long. The health problem may affect your orgasm directly and it could affect it indirectly through worries about the ailment.

Fear of sex

Some women are afraid of sex for certain reasons. This fear of sex is usually caused by a previous traumatic sexual experience. The trauma from rape is a good example and it takes quite some time to fizzle out. It is capable of giving a woman loss of orgasm or even lack of interest in sexual activities.

This kind of situation requires psychotherapy from experts. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix for this. The problem will be tackled gradually. So, it may take from several months to years depending on the experience and expertise of the specialist. It also depends on the intensity of the trauma.


As mentioned earlier, orgasm depends on the state of mind. A woman that has a problem bothering her has slim chances of reaching orgasm especially when the problem is about her relationship. The solution to this will only come after the problem is solved or when you get over it.

In conclusion, apart from the causes listed above, another common cause of orgasmic dysfunction is menopause. If yours e is caused by menopause, you definitely have to see a specialist as soon as possible.


Loss Of Orgasm Englewood

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Loss Of Orgasm Englewood

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