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Group psychotherapy for difficult teens in reformatory

There are many phases in the disease of addiction. To fight the debilitating effects on its victims and their families takes the acknowledgement that there is a problem and the power to face it, head on. As an interventionist, you hold the key between what was and what could be. Scottsdale Recovery Center doesn’t take that lightly, in fact – we hold you as the light that leads the way toward recovery. Once you coordinate the intervention, what then?

Intervention Needs a Solid Place to Land


There’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing your hard work is supported by valued, industry partners. What cuts deeper than that is recognizing when you’ve connected your client with the right addiction treatment program at the right time. Although no one can guarantee success in recovery from the point of intervention throughout the treatment process, working with Scottsdale Recovery Center will provide options of care seldom seen in other facilities.

Providing medical detox, 30-90 day Upscale Inpatient Treatment, long-term MAT, 12-step and non 12-step programs, PHP, IOP, holistic therapies and more from highly-acclaimed and experienced licensed practitioners goes a long way in providing comfort to both patients and their loved ones. Our facilities represent how recovery should feel: Attainable, accountable, acceptable and duplicatable at the onset of sober living through long-term sobriety.

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