Video testimonials convey real life experiences on how the right drug rehab can truly help with your drug & alcohol addiction and recovery process…

You took the first step in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process and decided you need help. Now you have to choose which drug rehab is right for you. With the epidemic of drugs spreading across the nation, it seems there are more and more drug rehabs and addiction treatment services popping up. So you start searching the internet and find an overwhelming number of options. You will undoubtedly have a wide array of choices such as holistic recovery, gender based treatment, sober living homes for men, sober living homes for women, faith based addiction recovery and so much more. Most websites have pictures and promises that really don’t address the hardship of drug and alcohol addiction. A testimonial, especially a video, can convey a heartfelt and honest message that you or your loved one can relate to.

More than just a testimonial video, it’s a message of hope for the person who is watching. Perhaps their story will be similar to what you and your family are going through. There are many people who got the help they truly needed, for themselves or their loved one, and feel compelled to share their story so they can make a difference for others suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Hearing that a drug rehab actually worked for someone else is at the very least, inspirational. Anyone can write a testimonial, but those words come alive in a video, depicting the raw and real emotions experienced by someone affected by drug addiction and the results of their recovery process. Other videos from the drug rehab staff or owners can demonstrate their commitment to your recovery, provide a tour of their recovery center as well as let you know what you can expect from their addiction treatment program and services.

This video shows you what it’s like at Scottsdale Recovery Center, capturing clients participating in their addiction treatment program, in addition to the owner providing a testimonial on his commitment toward your recovery…

This video testimonial is from a woman, grateful for Scottsdale Recovery Center, and her fiance’s experience with his addiction recovery…

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