Admitting that you’re an addict is a big step. It’s the first in a long line of steps to recovery. So while you are ready to get the help you need, the question is, is your family ready for what lays ahead?

Your family is a crucial part of your recovery. When it comes to talking to your family about recovery, the process can seem difficult. That’s because being an addict can come with it a variety of emotions like guilt or shame.

In most cases when someone is an addict, chances are that their family has probably seen them in some of the most embarrassing moments. Addicts have been known to steal from family members, yell at family members and even get in physical altercations with family members. So for most addicts, pulling the family into the recovery process has its own unique set of challenges.

Having the support of your loved ones during the recovery process is an integral part of the process. Everyone needs support during times of need and rehab is definitely no exception. Begin by finding the right time to talk to your family. Depending on your past you may want to talk to them individually or as a group.

Be sure to prepare what you want to talk about. While you don’t want to sound like a robot, you want to make sure that you say everything you need to and that your message is conveyed. The key here is to expect the unexpected when it comes to talking to your family. Think of all the possible scenarios when it comes to their reaction as well as questions. This is not the time to be angry, resentful or accusatory. Family members can spontaneously ask questions that you may not be ready for. By planning ahead what to say and thinking of all possible directions these conversations can take, you’ll be better prepared which can help lead to a better outcome.

Be upfront with your family when it comes to your treatment plan and everything that it entails. Knowledge is power so keeping your family informed and in the loop is important. Your family is going to support you on various levels. Some may be all in and vow to be there with you every step of the way. Others may only offer limited support. Don’t be angry if your family isn’t all in in the beginning. However stand your ground on things you believe in. Recovery is about finding your footing in this world. It begins with you standing up for your life and your recovery plan but that doesn’t mean arguments and fighting.

Remember as well that treatment can turn into a family affair. Counseling sessions may start out with just you but your family may eventually be a part of the sessions. If you have family members who are not on board and you feel they may threaten your recovery then you may need to make the decision to distance yourself from them. Be sure to explain why you feel the way you do then perhaps when you are through with treatment you can move forward with them.

Families are an essential part of everyone’s life. So be sure to talk to them about treatment and recovery. Remember they want you well so the fact that you want to go through treatment is a major step. It’s one day at a time.

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