Millions of Americans routinely turn to luxury rehab centers every year for help with treating drug and alcohol addiction. It is sometimes hard to choose a center though, because there are all kinds of treatments being recommended, which is why this post covers four basic questions that, when answered, should help you make the right choice.

Q1: What will it cost?

This isn’t as easy a response as you think it should be, because a number of things are often factored into the costs of luxury rehab centers. Find out about a center’s facilities, what programs it offers for a fee, and what kind of environment it provides. Some luxury rehab centers offer extras including personal trainers, nutritionists, and massage therapists, for instance, while others may have additional facilities such as a pool or gym.

Q2: Where is it located?

This matters because a luxury rehab center near you means you have access to family and friends if necessary, which can make a huge difference to the success of your treatment. It also means you have access to trained professionals if you need someone to talk to after you leave the center.

Q3: What programs can a patient expect?

This should be an important factor while choosing a luxury rehab center because there is a range of therapies usually offered to patients, but not all solutions work for everyone. Effective treatment is about addressing multiple needs, rather than simply focusing on the addiction in isolation. Programs should be tailored to individual needs and modified if necessary, based on regular assessment. Also find out about the kind of counseling services offered, in addition to any other treatments that may help in the recovery process.

Q4: Is there post-recovery care?

Does the luxury rehab center offer aftercare? Drug rehabilitation does not end when you leave, and long-lasting behavioral changes need to be installed over time. Choosing the right luxury rehab center makes a difference between stopping abuse for good and relapsing shortly after you leave.

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