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Scottsdale Recovery Center Holistic RehabAchieving recovery and sobriety can be a very demanding process. We incorporate an array of medical and holistic components and use them to help the recovery process run as smooth as possible.

If we take a look at addiction treatments throughout the entire world, we’ll notice that there seem to be just a few constant treatment forms across the board.

They could either use a 12-step based approach, a holistic one, a non-12-step based approach, relapse prevention treatments, faith-based, or something else that ‘tries’ to cater everyone’s needs and requirements.

These treatments follow a static manner; a simple black and white frame, and attempt to cure each patient using the same process. But what they seem to forget about is the fact that not all patients are the same, and their needs can vary a lot. Moreover, there can’t possibly be just one treatment that can work well for everyone. We mold and re-invent the process through the hybrid approach that works best for a recovering individual.

Here at Scottsdale Recovery Center Drug addiction and alcoholism are considered as a type of 3-fold illness that exists on three different levels: psychological, spiritual, and physical.

By taking the latest holistic approaches to the cutting edge hybrid treatments, we offer a treatment that treats this 3-fold disease in the best way possible. We also strive to incorporate a proper combination of the holistic and 12-step approach that addresses a myriad of addiction issues in a way that has shown tremendous success.

What is Holistic Rehabilitation Therapy?

Scottsdale Recovery Holistic Rehab

So what exactly is the “holistic rehabilitation” approach?

Holistic treatment simply means treating the spirit, mind, and body. This is a comprehensive treatment for drug and substance abuse that starts with detox and then moves on to individualized therapy and proper aftercare treatment. It is also known as a non-medicinal recovery method that complements the traditional medical approaches and gives the patient the best available treatment there is.

The main aim of this recovery method is to offer a natural type of treatment that brings the mind, spirit, and body into proper alignment. The holistic rehabilitation therapy also identifies the underlying cause of addiction, helps strengthen the individual’s resistance to addiction, increases their confidence, and reduces the risk of relapse.

It focuses on improving the recovering addict’s overall health while treating the various symptoms of drug addiction and withdrawal.

Holistic Rehabilitation Therapy Process

The holistic rehabilitation therapy process begins with a proper detox. Once the recovering individual starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms, he or she is then gets subjected to intensive therapies.

The therapies are based on the specific spiritual, physical, and emotional needs, and also include the “12-step treatment” as well.

Our Holistic treatment consists of various therapies including guided meditation, yoga, tai chi*, massage therapy*, spiritual therapy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, counseling, art therapy, regular exercise, and a proper 12-step rehabilitation therapy for the optimum results.

  • Meditation: In order to recover faster and overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, the first thing you’ll need to have is a clear mind. We offer various practices like tai chi and yoga that helps you focus on recovering faster.
  • Acupuncture and Massage: During the treatment, we also offer acupuncture to our clients as it relaxes their body and helps them relive some of their post-addiction stress.
  • Nutritional Therapy: Through this therapy, we give recovering addicts proper nutrition that helps them heal faster.
  • Recreational Therapy: We persuade clients to exercise regularly and also offer them various activities like rock climbing, hiking, yoga, and more, so they can use their energy in a positive and productive way.

What Is a 12-Step Rehabilitation Program?

A twelve-step rehabilitation program is a set of principles that provide a course of action for recovery from substance abuse, addiction, compulsion and various other behavior programs. This program was originally proposed by the Alcoholics Anonymous.

According to them, the 12-step rehabilitation process consists of the following steps:

  • The addict admits that their life was unmanageable and they had no power over their addiction.
  • They start to believe that there is a higher power out there that can help restore their sanity.
  • They make the decision to turn their lives over to that higher power and turn to the care of God.
  • They make a moral inventory for themselves.
  • Admitted to ourselves, to God, and to another human being what they did wrong.
  • They get ready to have God help take away these defects of character.
  • They ask God to remove all their shortcomings.
  • After this, they make a list of all the people they’ve harmed and get ready to make amends to them.
  • They try to make direct amends, wherever possible.
  • They need to continue taking personal inventory and admit when they are wrong.
  • They also need to work on improving their conscious contact with God.
  • As a result of all of these steps, they awaken spiritually but need to continue regularly practicing all these principles in order to stay sober.

These 12 steps are also accompanied by twelve other traditions. The entire structure is based on three dimensions: mental, physical, and spiritual.

The physical dimension works on the bodily reactions that lead to the compulsion of regular use of substances. The mental one treats the cognitive process that causes the need to repeat the behavior after practicing abstinence.

At last comes the spiritual point, also known as the spiritual malady that is focused on making these individuals face themselves and be willing to self-sacrifice for others. This step is also known as a spiritual awakening that produces considerable changes in a person but over a period of time.

Elements of Hybrid Addiction Treatment

Hybrid addiction treatment is a combination of both a Holistic and 12-Step Rehabilitation Treatment. A fusion of these treatments creates a program that can be customized according to the individual and can help restore the person’s balance.

So, depending upon your requirements, the hybrid addiction treatment can consist of:

  • Holistic drug support
  • Counseling (group or individual)
  • Proven 12-step program
  • Meditation, yoga, body and mind exercise
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic care
  • Nutritional and exercise planning
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Acupuncture and other relaxing practices

Substance and drug addiction issues exist on a multitude of levels, that’s why the hybrid approach works best. The hybrid rehabilitation process addresses the person’s personal parameters and helps them transform into a better person.

Benefits of Taking 12 Step and Holistic Rehabilitation


When dealing with addiction that has affected you mentally, physically, and spiritually, it is best to turn towards the Holistic and 12-Step Hybrid Rehabilitation approach.

The main aim of this approach is to offer the clients a firm foundation on which they can build their sobriety. Other benefits of going with this approach are:

  • You get a full scope of treatment services
  • You stay in the continuous care of experts
  • This approach also helps you transform into a better person.

As we follow the approach, our rehab experts:

  • Draft a finely tailored treatment that is carried out within a state of the art facility
  • Use the hybrid program that is an exceptional blend of medical and holistic parameters
  • Offer you an environment that focuses on making your sober; ensuring a long-term

*These add-on services can be provided at an additional cost, please contact one of our admission coordinators at 1-602.346.9142

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