Happy Fathers Day From SRC!

Since my dad has every toy imaginable and doesn’t need any more golf clubs, t-shirts or workout shorts, my fathers day gift to my dad, Lee Cohn, will be a letter of grattitude and thanks.

Your everything I want to be in a person: funny, caring, humble, low-key, giving, charitable, forgiving, outgoing, athletic, loving…Those are just some of the traits you possess which I try and emulate. When I have a family of my own, I will try my best to duplicate how you and Mom raised me. As you do, I will take my kids on adventures and introduce the rest of the world to them. Some of the things I’ve learned from you are how to be forgiving and not hold resentments, how to live in the moment and not treat people badly, how to love my family and take care of them to the fullest extent possible and how to be a positive, charitable and giving member of society.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I’m so grateful, everyday to be your son!

Now let’s go catch some FISH in our favorite town, Eagle River, WIS !!

Chris, Owner, Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC)

P.S, Happy Fathers Day to all the other dads out there as well…

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