As a woman struggling with drug addiction, her third attempt at treatment while at Scottsdale Recovery Center was more effective than the prior two attempts.


Drug rehab and addiction treatment for women in Scottsdale, ArizonaCassie was always the sweet, bubbly girl in elementary school. She had a great big smile and loved to make people laugh, often considered the teacher’s pet. Life was so simple and carefree and we had it good growing up in a beautiful Arizona neighborhood. Things started changing when we went off to high school. Everything seemed harder. More homework, more expectations and more competition. Cassie’s parents split up and she started hanging around with a different crowd. She started smoking, drinking and experimenting with drugs. Although we would still talk, we just didn’t seem to have much in common any more.

There’s something uniquely scary about seeing someone you love fall into the grips of drug addiction right before your eyes; and the clarity in my eyes was equally offset to the obliviousness of her situation in hers!

Marijuana and alcohol turned into stealing painkillers from her mom’s medicine cabinet. Cassie’s mom was in bad shape after the divorce and was taking pills for depression, anxiety and tried to wash away her tears and fears with alcohol. Unfortunately, Cassie wasn’t getting the love and attention she needed and started sneaking her mom’s pills. When there weren’t enough pills for the two of them, Cassie turned to heroin. She told me she just wanted to feel happy again. I felt so bad for Cassie and told her about a drug treatment center that really helped my cousin. Cassie was open and eager to go because she really hated being around her mom.

Drug rehab centers in Arizona became Cassie’s new home. She told me she didn’t take it seriously and couldn’t wait to get out. She didn’t want to go home so she moved in with Dean, the neighborhood “druggie”. That’s when things really got bad. Cassie didn’t seem interested in anything except getting high. After Dean overdosed on fentanyl (way more potent than heroin), Cassie needed a new home again so it was back to drug rehab. She left after a week and hooked up with Dean’s best friend. She got to escape her troubles again, so much so that she too overdosed. Cassie was luckier than most, since the Arizona EMT was able to bring her back to life with Naloxone.

Third time in drug rehab seemed to be a charm. Cassie was finally willing to work on her drug and alcohol addiction and Scottsdale Recovery Center of Arizona was the treatment facility that helped her do it. Cassie told me that what really made the difference this time was the ability to share and be supported by other women. She felt more comfortable in a women’s drug rehab group, where she didn’t have the reminders of Dean and could finally get to the root of her drug addiction. I was thrilled that after 30 days, Cassie wanted to continue her stay at Scottsdale Recovery Center to keep working on herself and start building a sober and happy life. I read that the longer the stay in drug rehab, the greater the chance for success in sobriety.

As I sit here thinking back upon specific moments in time during this period, I can literally feel the pain of having been witness to her progressive slip into drug and alcohol addiction. Interestingly though, what really stands out more than anything is how Cassie ultimately persevered in treatment once she was able to harness the power of commitment toward sobriety and a lifestyle within the recovery process. This was truly more than just another trip into drug rehab; it was the start of journey toward healing for her, and I am so deeply proud of her!!!

If you have a friend or family member suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, don’t give up on them. I know it’s really hard to stand by and watch them self-destruct, so please reach out and let us help. You can contact Scottsdale Recovery Center 24/7 at 602.346.9142.

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