Coming to the realization that there is a Spiritual Being that is greater than you is a big step towards your recovery.  Despite all of the failures in your own life—all of the broken promises, the hard feelings, the abuse, the depression and guilt, the destructive behavior, the hatred and the anxiety—there is still hope.

Most people have no trouble admitting that their addiction is a destructive force in their lives. But wrapping your mind around the idea of a Higher Power is not as easy as some would suggest.  It is a process and a progression of faith that evolves over time.  But developing a life of faith and relying on a Higher Power is crucial to your recovery.

If you were able to kick this addiction on your own strength then you would have by now. Scottsdale Recovery Center is very familiar with starting a recovery from addiction because most of their staff have walked the same road that you have.   They know that it is only by the Grace of God that they have been able to recover and begin to lead a good and productive life, free from the insanity of addiction.

There was a critical moment, where out of desperation due to a rock-bottom plummet, you made a life changing decision to finally rid yourself of the insanity that is addiction.  The haze and the chaos weighed far too heavily on your shoulders and you discovered that you were crying out for help.  Don’t stop asking for help.  You might not understand Who you are seeking for help from, or perhaps you do have an understanding of Who you are seeking, but you have ignored it for far too long, either way you cannot stop asking for help.  You already know that you are tired of the insanity, so cling to clarity.  As you continue to live a life of sobriety you will find that your spiritual growth makes you stronger, and more resolute to continue living without the effect of substances.

Scottsdale Recovery Center places a high priority on spiritual growth.  It is one of the foundational building blocks for an effective recovery and they provide ample time for prayer or meditation daily.

Your understanding of a Higher Power is up to you.  No one is going to decide for you.  In any definition of what your higher power is, you need to rely on a power that is stronger than the addiction, stronger than the substance, and stronger than the pull of your former life.  The only suggested guideline that you need is that the higher power you come to believe in should be loving, caring and greater than yourself.

With love and light,

Scottsdale Recovery Center Staff

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