These past couple weeks have been unreal to say the least. First and foremost, My sister got married in Hawaii to a great guy and new great friend, Beny Rabuchin. Beny’s as solid as they get, my sister is an unreal catch; they are very lucky to have found eachother. I got to hang out with my Grammie who’s in her late 80’s and shlepped all the way from Chicago with my Aunt for the wedding. This was her first trip out of Chi-town in a very long time….I’m so grateful that she made it to Les’ wedding and that i got to spend time with her. Perhaps the most stimulating and strongest “God Moment” came when i was walking down the aisle escorting my mom to her seat at the wedding and she leaned over and said ,”Im so happy your here and sober and it means so much to me I love you.” I was touched with grattitude, thanks and love.

So back in Phx, looking after my dogs while the Tinney sister’s are out of town, in my second class for my Masters degree and running my sober house business. I feel like sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to have such a phenomenal family. Leslee, I love you so much. Your the best sister a kid brother could ask for; ive learned so much from you. I look forward to witnessing your new family evolve and  I love you forever.

Till next time,

Chris Cohn, Owner, Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC)

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