Not all rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Arizona will go the extra mile to verify your insurance plan before you’re admitted. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we’ll work closely with you during the admissions phase to verify your benefits so you can concentrate on treatment instead of worrying about how you’re going to pay.


Services Offered By Rehabs That Accept Blues Cross Blue Shield In Arizona

For a very long time, the treatment for both alcohol and drug addiction was not a part of the benefits included in a lot of insurance plans. Since 2008, there have been rapid changes in the treatments that are available to addicts, and these changes have made it easier for the addicted individuals to get better.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a nationwide insurance company, and they provide insurance for detox and substance use disorder treatment, primary mental health condition, and co-occurring mental health disorders. The numerous health insurance plan options offer different coverage that depends on the purchased plan, through either a private policy or group plan of an employer. If this insurance provider is the same as yours, then looking for rehabs that accept blue cross blue shield in Arizona should not be a daunting task.

Different Types of Rehabs That Accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Arizona

Most of the healthcare plans that Blue Cross Blue Shield gives might offer some coverage for mental health and addiction treatment. Some services have limited time, defining the number of weeks or days of coverage. Some patients might pay for their whole stay in an inpatient program, while others might cover only outpatient services.

The type of insurance coverage that will be selected for you to receive might determine the maximums, deductible, copays, and limits or your treatment. The different types of rehabs that accept Blue cross Blue shield in Arizona include aftercare programs, inpatient rehab programs, outpatient rehab programs, dual diagnosis programs, mental health rehab, and drugs and alcohol detoxification facilities.

Services Offered At Rehab Centers That Take Blue Cross Blue Shield in Arizona

Mental health treatment and addiction services offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield accredited rehabs will cover a wide range of first-rate treatment elements to different degrees (which are based on your particular plan) such as:

Withdrawal and Detox: This is the first part of the treatment when the toxic substance has been removed from the body. In most cases, inpatient detox might be needed for monitoring withdrawal symptoms. Discomfort, pain, and drug cravings can be taken care of with the help of prescribed medications. Until the detox phase is complete addiction treatment cannot take place.

Psychological Counseling: Alcohol and drugs treatment goes around analyzing the underlying factors and causes of the addictive behavior. Effectively blending group therapies with friends and personalized sessions with a psychotherapist, patients, can be guided towards new revelations regarding behavioral disorders. They also teach them productive, new responses and thoughts to triggers.

Outpatient Aftercare: Outpatient Aftercare is a very important element of successful addiction recovery. After completing an intensive outpatient, inpatient program, it is very important for you to continue with your counseling and furthering education that concerns addiction so that you will know more about it.

Dual Diagnosis: In a lot of cases, drug and alcohol addiction is accompanied by mental health disorder (especially anxiety and depression), and they work simultaneously. If a patient is diagnosed with dual diagnosis, both the mental disorder and the drug and alcohol addiction will be treated simultaneously through psychotherapy and medication.