Depending on the institution, the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program may come with more or fewer benefits and can prove to be more or less effective. As a rule of thumb, private rehabilitation institutions like Scottsdale Recovery offer superior services to those provided by the government, in addition to the more diverse and innovative approaches along the way.

An efficient, top-tier recovery treatment center needs to focus on a few different aspects when it comes to keeping addiction under control and repel its symptoms on for the long run:

– The immediate physical and psychological effects of the substance on the individual

– The potential mental conditions either caused by substance abuse or worsened by it

– The behavioral changes the addict has gone through or still does, and that could affect both his mental and social functioning

– How the victim’s relations with those around have changed for the worse, which could affect harden or even prevent their emotional recovery

– The extremely high probability of relapse, which occurs in about 85% of the patients within the first year of completing the treatment an in about 63% of the patients four years later

Unfortunately, not all rehabilitation programs treat all of these aspects with the same sense of urgency, consequently leading to lower success rates. Especially when considering the governmental programs.

The perfect rehab environment for the best results

Having the most effective methods on the market doesn’t necessarily make you a top recovery treatment center. How these methods are applied are an entirely different story, which can make the difference between success and failure. There are currently three main approaches to drug rehabilitation, depending on a multitude of factors, including how severe and how advanced the addiction is, the type of substance causing it, the patient’s general state and medical background and so on:

1. Outpatient program

This type of treatment is only adequate when the patient’s state is stable, he is still an active member of the community, and he is not a danger to himself or the society. The addict will attend drug therapy according to a specific schedule, enabling him to continue his professional activities outside of the rehab program. He is not required to spend the nights at the institution.

2. Inpatient program

This type of treatment is only needed in the case of those whose condition is precarious and volatile. They need professional assistance around the clock, constant medical and psychological support and a closed, controlled environment to keep them in check at all times. The inpatient treatment is defined by 24/7 supervision and can be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the case.

3. EAP program for executives (Residential treatment)

The residential program is meant for those who want extra assistance, extreme confidentiality and who cannot postpone their businesses; thus, they’ll be allowed access to phones, computers, and internet. Which means this program is intended for executives, businessmen and women and federal employees.

A recovery treatment center like Scottsdale Recovery is the perfect choice when looking not only for an effective rehabilitation program, but one that focuses on comfort as much as on everything else.