As a result of the chemical nature of drug addiction, the very first step towards recovery takes place during the detoxification process. The “high” which many drugs provide, occur as users experience shifts in neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers naturally created by the mind that are accountable for thoughts of contentedness, euphoria, focus and energy. With continued recurring drug use, the mind starts to compensate for the excessive activity of neurotransmitters, altering natural production of brain chemicals. This drug triggered chemical imbalance leaves users relying on the presence of drugs in the system to feel “normal”. Scottsdale Recovery Center provides the most comprehensive and effective luxury inpatient drug rehab in Washington State.

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we are referred to as the number one rated luxury inpatient drug rehab in Washington State, and beyond. Our beautiful, upscale facility provides the latest advances in treatment programs, along with planned activities that may take place away from our recovery center, such as a night at the movies, or many outdoor activities, as well. When a patient is surrounded by the same people everyday, and confined to the same environment, they may not come away with the skills to live on the outside after their treatment is complete. This is one of the ideas that make our recovery facility different from the others.

Cravings will set in to reuse the drug, as well as the entire body responds with withdrawal symptoms, which range from physical reactions, such as headaches, shaking, nausea, abdominal pains or vomiting, to mental responses, including high anxiety, paranoia, depression, cognitive delays and memory issues. These mental and physical responses work to negatively reinforce drug use by providing distressing experiences connected with abstinence. Fortunately, expert drug detoxification is able to help recovering addicts move through withdrawal comfortably and safely. Drug detoxification is able to help make certain that addicts move throughout the withdrawal stage of recovery without falling into an episode of relapse.

Coupled with nutrition and hydration, medical care is able to help recovering addicts start healing the actual physical damage that their bodies might have incurred during many years of drug addiction. Research has frequently established the link between psychological health and drug dependency. For some, mental health issues complicate drug addictions. In reality, those with drug abuse issues and dependencies, also struggle with a secondary mental health condition like anxiety disorders, major depression, bipolar disorder or hypomania. In certain instances, addiction and drug abuse are able to even act as a link to mental issues.

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