Choosing One of The Inpatient Treatment Centers In Washington State

Although there are numerous inpatient treatment centers in Washington State, they can’t all be suitable for every drug or alcohol addiction patient. There are certain factors to consider before choosing any of the inpatient treatment centers in Washington State for yourself or for your loved one.

Some of these factors have been outlined right below.


It is better to choose any of the inpatient treatment centers in Washington State that are near your house for your loved one. This will make it easier for you to check on him often and to also monitor the progress of the rehab.

Some rehab centers do not allow participants to be visited or to receive calls. This policy is usually to avoid distractions and to also prevent access to drugs or alcohol. However, even if the center bars you from visiting your son, you can still monitor his progress by checking on the staff regularly.

Appropriate location

It is better to select a center that is completely free from all kinds of external influence. Ensure no other person can visit him except you and other family members. Secondly, you should also be sure that the center is free from any kind of temptation.

A treatment center should not be too close to a winery or brewery. The smell of beer goes very far while in process and it could be a major source of temptation to an alcohol addiction patient.

High success rate

Another important factor is the success rate of the center. You need to choose a center with the highest success rate. Remember, the average success rate of any treatment center is your son’s chances of recovery. This implies that you should visit several centers before selecting one.

However, there is a little problem with this. You really cannot tell if the success rate claimed by the center is their actual success rate or an inflated one. You can find out the number of patients that are being treated in a center. This is because treatment centers with higher success rates are likely to have higher number of patients at any given time.

Availability of monitoring equipment

To prevent cases of murder or suicide, addiction patients should be monitored for 24 hours. A monitoring lapse of just 5 minutes is enough to cause a collateral damage. A participant who is planning to commit suicide will definitely be looking for the smallest opportunity.

So, in the interest of your loved one, it is important to specifically ask for the structures put in place to avoid such occurrence. This is why most centers have surveillance cameras installed in strategic locations within their complex.


You should assess the level of general comfortability in your chosen center. The patients can only complete their rehab programs if they are comfortable. Otherwise, some of them will leave before the end of their rehab.

Customized program

The problem with a lot of treatment centers is that they offer general treatment plans for all participants but that is wrong. The intensity of addiction is unique for every patient and so are their states of mind and their level of cooperation.

So, substance abuse patients are better off in a center where the degree of their addiction is assessed before a treatment program is recommended for them. In other words, choose a center that offers individualized treatment programs.