Heroin is among the most dangerous illicit drugs we are fighting with today. The black-market holds an industry delivering staggering profits every year. The drug cartels in Mexico alone get an annual slice of the pie of $25-$30 billion and, according to the World Drug Report for 2005, released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the global costs were around $322 billion. Today estimates that would bring us closer to $400 billion don’t seem farfetched at all, which brings us to Scottsdale Recovery.

Being a professional heroin rehab center in Arizona, our institution is specialized in all types of substance addictions, with the primary focus being on opioids and alcohol. Among these, ranks among the ones with the highest impact, precisely because of the highly potent narcotic mechanism.

Heroin is incredibly addictive and its effects grow from bad to worse, starting with the very first dose. There are 3 aspects to heroin that make for a gruesome and nightmarish portrait:

1. Builds up towards addiction fast

Heroin is an opioid, which means its functioning mechanism relies on forcing the brain to release more dopamine than it would generally release on its own. Its effects are pretty much similar to those of morphine, which is natural, considering that heroin has been synthesized from morphine back in 1874. Feelings like intense relaxation, euphoria and pain numbness are common, but will only last until the brain will develop tolerance to the substance, at which point the addict needs to increase the dose. That is when addiction sets in.

2. It causes sometimes irreparable physical and psychological damages

At this point, the need for the services of a professional heroin rehab center in Arizona becomes critical. Surprisingly enough, though, pure heroin doesn’t cause too many long-term damages, outside addiction and maybe some rather mild digestive problems. It is street heroin (altered with various additives like starch, sugar, powdered milk and even poisons like strychnine) where all the harm comes from, along with dangerous habits like sharing the needles for injecting the drug, or using dirty needles repeatedly. On the long run, the addict risks infection with HIV, hepatitis, heart disease and even dementia.

 3. Causes almost immediate and long-lasting social damages

The addict will soon lose the support of family and friends, he will get kicked out from the job and will slowly, but surely get buried in financial and mental problems. And, in some cases, the recovery process is so difficult that the addict may never be able to regain the things once so dear to them.

These aspects show, without a doubt, that drug addiction is not something to be played with. It is dangerous, it leads to addiction, and it will gradually destroy the addict’s life on all levels. A professional heroin rehab center in Arizona is undoubtedly the best chance addicts have to leave drug addiction behind. For us, at Scottsdale Recovery, dealing with heroin addiction is part of our world and we have seen how much harm it can cause to people and their families. It’s never too late to start life anew. Do it now, because the more you delay it, the lower the chances to succeed!