The drug epidemic plagues the United States, affecting millions of Americans, along with their families who are also seriously affected by drug addiction. In reality, the effects of drug addiction have impacted the whole nation, leading to the physical and emotional downfall of entire generations. Drug rehab programs provide expertly managed care for anyone facing long standing drug addictions, offering the physical, as well as psychological help required for addicts to eventually embark on a lifetime of sobriety. There are several drug rehab programs in Washington State, but at Scottsdale Recovery Center, we offer the most innovative and newest approaches in fighting the dangerous and frightening grip of drug and alcohol addiction, with an unmatched success rate.

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we are referred to as providing the most effective and lasting drug rehab programs in Washington State, and throughout the nation. Our facilities provide an extremely inviting and soothing environment that includes luxury, along with comfort and compassion for all of our valued patients. We are a full service recovery center which offers treatment for all stages of the recovery process, starting with detoxification, along with inpatient and outpatient programs and long after the patient leaves our center to enjoy their new life of sobriety and happiness. Unlike other drug and alcohol recovery centers, we oftentimes encourage activities that are held away from our care center, allowing people to begin their experiences of being back to life on the outside.

Specialized drug detoxification is able to help recovering addicts move through withdrawal comfortably and safely. Drug detoxification is able to help make certain that addicts move throughout the withdrawal stage of recovery without falling into an episode of relapse. Medicines are able to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings and block chemical highs which serve to reinforce addiction. Coupled with nutrition and hydration, medical care is able to help recovering addicts start healing the actual physical damage that their bodies might have incurred during many years of drug addiction.

Drug rehab programs perform comprehensive diagnostic testing, physical exams and psychological assessments to make sure there is tailored drug treatment each individual. Core therapies are actually modified to work with specific learning styles, personal histories, drugs choice and the timetable of chemical dependency to confirm effective recovery. Patients receive group empathy, support and input through twelve step meetings and participation in process groups. Since family relationships generally add to, and suffer from a member’s substance abuse, family therapy sessions have become a primary component of almost all drug treatment programs.

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