How To Determine The Best Rehabilitation Center In Washington State

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best rehabilitation center in Washington State. These factors have been outlined below.

Success rate

The first and most important factor in deciding the best rehabilitation center in Washington State is success rate. The primary aim of all treatment centers is to help patients recover from addiction as quickly as possible. So, every program developed as well as facility used is geared towards this. The center with the highest success rate is definitely the best rehabilitation center in Washington State.

Can you remember the Pareto’s 80-20 rule? It is applicable here too. Success rate contributes 80 percent in the determination of the best center while the other factors discussed below collectively contribute the remaining 20 percent. Remember, every policy adopted, action taken, and effort made in every center is to increase the success rate. So it should carry more weight than other factors.

Availability of highly sophisticated equipment

The facilities being used in any rehab center are very important too. They should be used to assess rehab centers. Addiction patients can only finish their programs if the environment is conducive. If not, some of them will leave before the end of their programs. So, when choosing the best center, you should consider the facilities available.

An important facility that should be available in any ideal treatment center is surveillance camera. Every patient should be monitored 24/7 because addiction often comes with depression and depression can lead to either murder or suicide or both. One little monitoring lapse can end it all. So, availability of sophisticated equipment is another feature peculiar to the treatment centers.

Availability of individualized treatment

Since there are no two addiction patients with exactly the same degree of addiction to the same substance, treatment should be individualized. General treatment plans may not work. So, a very good center should first assess the level of addiction of a patient before recommending a treatment plan for him. This factor should also be used to decide the best center in Washington State.

Quality staff

When it comes to healthcare, it is not only about the number of staff, it is also about the quality of staff. So, to assess a treatment center, you need to assess the qualification, expertise, and experience of all their staff.

Staff-participant ratio

The number of patients attached to a nurse is also important. The smaller the number of patients attached to a staff the more attention each of the participants will get. So, this ratio should be considered in rating treatment centers.

Availability of detox facility

No addiction treatment is complete without detoxification so a good center must either have a detox facility or a partner for detox services. In fact, those that have the facility should be rated higher than those that have detox partners.

Acceptance of insurance

The main reason people purchase health insurance is to cover their healthcare bill. So, why should some treatment centers refuse to accept insurance? This is another rating criterion. An ideal center should accept payment through insurance. So acceptance of insurance should boost the rating of a center.

In conclusion, to rate treatment centers, a particular percentage should be allocated to each of the criteria outlined above. Don’t forget that success rate should get the largest allocation.