Characteristics Of The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center In Washington State

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe a condition where a patient is suffering from both mental instability and drug abuse problems. That is the person is mentally ill and is also addicted to a drug substance. Historically in the US, mentally unstable patients and drug abuse patients have been managed in different facilities.

However, it has been observed that a dual diagnosis patient will not get the best treatment from either a mental home or a drug rehab center alone. Because of this, many centers have been established to help manage dual diagnosis. These centers integrate the treatment procedures that are employed in the mental home and that used in drug rehab center. There are many dual diagnosis treatment centers in Washington State, but to get the best, you have to look out for the following characteristics:

Best dual diagnosis treatment center in Washington State

1) A very good and conducive environment

Humans are influenced by their environment. A good environment always makes a person feel comfortable and at ease. It eliminates threat and fear, and it also quenches anxiety. A dual diagnosis treatment center that is the best In Washington State should have a good and conducive environment. This environment will help to hasten the treatment process. The environment includes the building, facilities, the workers and also the other patients. All of this must be in order and appear welcoming.

2) Presence of well-trained and experienced staff

The type of treatment offered in a dual diagnosis treatment center is different from what is gotten in a mental home or a rehab center. Because of this, medical professionals that work at a dual diagnosis center need to undergo special training. The presence of well-trained and qualified staff will be a mark of the best dual diagnosis treatment center in Washington State for you. If there are no trained and experienced staff, then it is not ideal for you.

3) Reliable treatment strategies

Various strategies are involved in the management of dual diagnosis. A good treatment center will employ very reliable and effective strategies, strategies that will give a positive outcome. If the strategies that are employed in the center are not reliable then it is not a good place to go for help.

4) The cost must reflect the quality of service.

In the medical sector, it is believed that a patient should be charged according to the amount of service he is getting. A dual diagnosis treatment center that is the best in Washington State must reflect the cost of their services in its quality. It is common knowledge that quality costs money, so if the center charges high amounts of money, it should be reflected in their service.

5) Organized aftercare programs

Dual diagnosis treatment does not end at the treatment center; it continues even after the patient is discharged. The best dual diagnosis treatment center in Washington State should have an organized aftercare plan that includes regular therapy, weekend stays, and scheduled drug testing. All of this is to make sure that the patient does not relapse.