Alcohol consumption is not a danger in and of itself. Some people have become so horrified with seeing so many of their fellow humans being brought down by alcohol abuse and alcoholism that even the thought of drinking might seem repugnant and scary. But, the reality is that moderate alcohol intake can be quite beneficial. We, at Scottsdale Recovery, however, are mainly interested in cases of alcohol abuse and how recurrent binge drinking and, later on, alcoholism, can destroy an individual’s body and mind.

The best alcohol rehab centers in Arizona constantly fight with patients relapsing shortly after completing the program. It is not because the program is ineffective, it is because alcoholism is one tough condition to fight through. Starting off as something completely harmless in appearance, like drinking with your friends on certain occasions, or binge drinking (consuming more than 5 drinks in a row), alcohol consumption can quickly take control over the drinker’s brain.

A study published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) revealed disturbing tendencies in 2015:

– More than 7.7 million young adults with ages between 12 and 20 have reported abusing alcohol at least once over the past month

– The same category of people represents over 11% of all the alcohol consumption in the US

– Despite not drinking as often as adults, young people drink way more during one session; they ingest over 90% of the alcohol by binge drinking

– More than 1.3 million young adults have claimed on average 5 binge drinking sessions over a period of 30 days

But the real problem, lurking behind all these data, is that binge drinking, as reported by the best alcohol rehab centers in Arizona, is strongly linked to recurrent drub abuse tendencies and addiction. According to the same study, NIAAA showed that the younger the binge drinkers are, the more likely it is for them to sustain the same behavior in the future. In other words, as they grow up, they will keep drinking more and resort to binge drinking more often than in the previous years.

A multi-layered problem with multiple solutions

The unseen problem with binge drinking is that, in many cases, it will lead to addiction, which can be very subtle at first. But it will become visible when withdrawal symptoms start occurring each time the victim will go without alcohol for more than several hours. Side-effects like irritability, shaking, nausea or even vomiting, headaches, bad moods, a tendency towards depression, thinking only about having a drink or even hallucinations in the more severe cases, among others.

The solutions to alcoholism are plenty, but neither is perfect in and of itself because the human organism is a complex machine which keeps defying any attempt for a strict, rigorous approach. As a consequence, the best alcohol rehab centers in Arizona have to rely on a combination of medication, physical and mental support, as well as behavioral therapies, to get the best results. Scottsdale Recovery is not only one of the top substance rehabilitation institutions, but one which puts human life at the center of all its efforts.