When considering inpatient treatment, there are usually three basic options, which are public inpatient rehab centers, private inpatient rehab centers, and luxury treatment centers. Though all of them generally provide exactly the same core elements, which includes counseling, access to medical care, along with one-on-one care, private and luxury care drug abuse treatment offers benefits which might not be available in other programs. In these programs, you will find a far more powerful offering of amenities and advantages that could improve the treatment experience you are searching for. Scottsdale Recovery Center provides the most comprehensive and effective addiction treatment centers in Washington State, for a unique and more thorough treatment plan for the best chance of success.

At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we are considered the number one rated addiction treatment centers in Washington State, and throughout the entire country. We hold an excellent reputation within the field of drug and alcohol treatment, and with our past and present patients. Over half of the people who we care for have actually traveled from other states, so that they can reap the benefits of our programs. We are an accredited full service drug and alcohol treatment facility that offers treatment for all phases of the recovery process. From an intervention, to detoxification, and every step along the way, we provide the most innovative and specialized services for your journey to sobriety.

Since private programs are actually funded entirely by admissions, they are likely to have a lot more resources than public programs and our facilities and advantages are more inviting to those seeking both privacy and comfort as they work toward recovery. Luxury centers, particularly, offer perks that go beyond those present in some other rehab centers. You could find gourmet meals, spa treatments, massage, and much more, all inside a resort like setting. Although some insurance plans won’t completely cover the price of private or luxury rehab, if you understand that this is the environment type in which you’re more than likely to be successful in overcoming your addiction, paying out of pocket is worth every penny.

Because of the fact that your insurance policy may not completely cover your entire expense, we also offer easy and affordable financing options that will allow you to receive all of the advantages that our care center provides. After you speak with your insurance carrier and know what benefits they are willing to provide coverage for, you will easily know which one of our financing options works best for you. Depending on which choice of financing would work best for you, the funds you are requesting could be in your own bank account within the same day of the application.

If you would like some additional information regarding the best addiction treatment centers in Washington State, Scottsdale Recovery Center would like to invite you to visit our website. At scottsdalerecovery.com, you can leave your contact information, for a fast response. You can also call us at 888.NO.DRUGS, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable medical staff members.