The concept may seem random – raising money for a drug and alcohol rehab center to expand its facilities’ footprint to treat more people. You may wonder why we don’t ask for a business loan. You may think it’s strange that we’re seeking help from the people of Arizona. But it isn’t strange. In fact, this crowdfund is offering a unique opportunity to business owners and residents, just because you live here, to take part in a Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC) investment that makes sense on both financial and humanitarian levels.

180 Days, 716 Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths

Arizona, this is us. In just a six-month period in 2017, we had 716 opioid-related overdose deaths – and that number doesn’t include the tragedies from other drugs abused. If you live here, this affects you. In a proactive move (though somewhat after the fact), Governor Doug Ducey approved the Intrastate Offering Exemption in 2015 opening the door to the Arizona Equity Crowdfunding Initiative, which SRC is taking part.

Unfortunately, the drug epidemic, associated death toll and increasing rates of addiction far exceed the available solutions. SRC decided to formulate an action plan to expand its roadmap in addiction recovery by designing a crowdfund that gets the state and its residents to work together to help solve the drug problem in a way that everyone can benefit.

To effectively change the drug war in Arizona, we need to include more participants in the fight.

President and Founder of SRC Chris Cohn helped ideate its crowdfund program. “The opioid epidemic isn’t just something you read about in the news. Drug and alcohol addiction is very real to a lot of families. Our neighborhoods can’t just sit by and wait for federal funding to be appropriated for addiction treatment. Now individual investors and small businesses can do something about it right now.”

It’s Always the Other Guy, Until that Guy Is You

United States of AddictionThere’s a dangerous stereotype that still exists about drug addicts. Many people continue to believe that drug or alcohol addiction happens to a coworker, a neighbor, the friend of a friend of the barista who makes your latte at the coffee shop down the road every day. Addiction happens to the other guy – until that guy is you.

Here’s where addiction and drug epidemic meet: It happens to anyone, at any time, because society’s need to mask its pain and medical practitioners, big pharma and illicit drug solicitors are more than happy to feed the problem. It’s a vicious cycle with no end, until we, as a collective whole, decide to stop it. The SRC crowdfund aims to assist in that process.

Arizona SRC Crowdfund Is a Wise Investment

Just as drug addiction is a personal matter that affects community, so too is this solution. The SRC crowdfund allows Arizona residents the ability to invest on a personal level that provides individual financial benefits that positively impact our state.

Here’s how the SRC crowdfund works:

  • Minimum investment of $500 = 1 unit
  • Minimum overall investment goal $1,000,000 = 200 units
  • 10% annual earnings of investment made
  • Principal investment and ROI paid quarterly over 4 years

As a mother, father, sister, brother or adult child of someone who has fallen victim to drug addiction, the crowdfunding is a unique forum to have a stake in the solution, as a stakeholder in the initiative. But this platform isn’t only available to individual residents of Arizona — businesses can partake as well.

Why should we consider working through the drug problem via a state-specific program?

Humanitarian Benefits Reach Our Borders

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California and Colorado, our highways bear increasing amounts of people transporting “legal” drugs from one state into our borders as illegal.  To think that it stops at cannabis is naïve. As the federal government continues to politicize the drug epidemic (no matter which party affiliation you call your own) the people of Arizona live with the repercussions and what remains today – an epidemic gone mad.

A Commitment Today May Help Someone You Know Tomorrow

If you were to ask the parents of a child lost to opioid addiction, “How did it happen?” their answers might surprise you. Because their child might have been a lot like yours: likable, social, active and loving. No, this is not the stereotype of an addict, which is why many people don’t know addiction when it’s staring them in the face.

Participation in the SRC crowdfund is an investment in yourself. It could possibly help someone you know, someone you don’t know and someone you’d never expect needing the help. It all comes down to having enough treatment beds available to help heal the physical and emotional hurt that comes from drug addiction.

Join Us in Our Mission to Help More People

Scottsdale Recovery Center is active in many drug and alcohol rehab scholarship programs that help provide medical detox, treatment and recovery for those who may not have the financial resources or insurance to assist with their needs. In addition, we look to partner with many industry peers and professionals to ensure that the right quality care reaches as many people as possible.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Challenge

Drug addiction is everyone’s problem. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Simply register, scroll through the information and have a look at how easy it is to get involved, boost your net worth and self-worth and help Arizona be the best it can be.

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