The addiction epidemic continues to spread nationwide, and quality care providers are proving difficult to be found. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has estimated that the revenue for addiction treatment falls around 35 billion dollars per year, yet the lack of proper care is astounding. Private equity firms continue to pour millions of dollars into the rehabilitation industry, and use these investments for their own monetary gain rather than the recovery of patients: they see this industry as a hotspot and invest with plans to sell the business for a much larger profit down the line.

On the other hand, lack of treatment regulation has resulted in some of these private equity firms investing in bad facilities that are only looking to make a quick buck. According to Modern Healthcare, “…many providers…operate on a cash-pay basis and solicit patients through Internet ads and so-called body brokers who send them patients in return for referral fees”. Private equity firms dump money into these types of scammy centers, where the money does not go toward patient recovery.

Rather, treatment remains based on the 12-Step program where relapse is said to be an “expected part of recovery”. Not giving proper care results in patients coming, and going, and coming back again in the hopes of one day recovering. This results in more money for the center and absolutely nothing for the patients.

A common thread seen with centers funded by private equity firms is a high relapse rate. Medical services and treatment are minimal, as the focus lies in getting people in the door rather than getting them sober. How does one find good treatment?

Private Rehab vs. Funded Facilities

Scottsdale Recovery Center is a privately-owned facility. This means that funding comes from our own sources and we operate based on the profit of our services: the incentive is high to provide the best treatment possible in order to keep current and potential patients interested in our programs.

Private rehab facilities, such as our own, tend to offer better programs due to better financial resources. Staff-to-patient ratios are much lower, meaning each individual gets personal care and treatment that is as specific to the person’s condition as possible. In contrast, funded centers tend to operate on a budget and cannot always meet the demand for doctors as the number of patients continues to rise. Individuals won’t receive attentive treatment, and the time spent with each patient is reduced significantly.

Think about it: if a doctor has to tend to 10 patients throughout the day, it is much more likely they will be thorough and attentive during their appointments. If a doctor has to tend to 25 patients in one day, their time and energy is stretched and evaluations will not be as accurate.

Private rehabs are located in better settings, set in stimulating environments surrounded by nature. Funded centers are generally found in more urban settings, where temptation is high and the environment is busy and uncalming. Although private facilities tend to be more costly, the money put towards treatment is guaranteed to move your life toward recovery.

Where’s the Change?

Standards for cost-effective treatment are falling far below the mark, making it harder and harder to decipher between the good and the bad.

To take measures against weeding out the questionable facilities, Google has implemented a new policy where it will only display ads from addiction treatment centers that are LegitScript certified. This certification requires a background check, proper licensing and accreditation, as well as a proven commitment to providing quality care. Scottsdale Recovery Center has obtained their LegitScript certification, making our services legitimate and of the highest quality.

Another reform that will help sort valuable centers from those that operate unethically is the Federal Support Act, making it illegal to receive any form of payment for referring a patient to a recovery center or treatment facility.

Scottsdale Recovery Center

At SRC, your recovery is our mission. From quality accommodations, to attentive medical staff, to the scope of our treatment and services: we provide our patients with some of the best resources in the industry and our LegitScript certification only helps solidify that. Our goal is that our patients never have to question their journey toward sobriety, and we do our best to make sure each part of the recovery process is explained and understood. Questions, comments, concerns? Call us today.

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There. Talk to Someone Who Can Help. Scottsdale Recovery Center holds the highest accreditation (Joint Commission) and is Arizona’s premier rehab facility since 2007. Call 602-346-9142.

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