Dear Friends,

Have you ever had a friend that at first seemed great?  Had the best jokes, was the life of the party and was always there when you needed them?  Everyone has had one friend like that at one time or another. But sometimes these friendships take over our life.  They pop over unexpectedly and sit on your couch for days, eating all your food and playing your X-Box until three in the morning.  You are missing work because you have been up all night with your “friend” and now your rent is due and the water has been shut off and your pay check simply doesn’t cover your bills—that is if you even have a job to go back to.  Your family is concerned that the kind of “friends” you keep company with is perhaps not the best influence in your life, but you can’t see it.  You like your “friend”, he’s comfortable and familiar; but now your “friend” refuses to leave, even if you ask him to.

Scottsdale Recovery Center, commonly known as “SRC,” recognizes that the line between recreation and addiction is incredibly blurry, and it is different for everyone.  Drugs and alcohol are a powerful influence and before you know it they can take over your entire life. There is a huge problem when the substance becomes more important than your job, your relationships and your personal hygiene and safety.

Now you have come to the point where you have admitted that you have lost all control. What are you willing to do to help reclaim your life and achieve what is necessary for an effective recovery?

1.) Realize that you cannot kick this habit on your own.  You are going to need Divine Intervention (literally) and a strong belief in a Higher Power, so rely on that and find your faith.  You are also going to need the help of family and friends that support your choice to get sober. It’s time to get real and finally admit to them that you know you have a problem – so prepare to get honest with them, as honesty will be your new way of life moving forward into recovery.

2.) You have people in your life that are dangerous to your recovery.  You need to distance yourself from them altogether and cut contact immediately.  You cannot allow their influence to hinder any progress you will achieve. Delete them from your cell phone, social networking sites and email.

3.) Get rid of all your drugs and or alcohol. OR have a trusted family member or friend do it for you. Take any drugs to your local pharmacy or hospital where they can be disposed of safely, including any needles you may have.

4.) Change your environment ASAP. Scottsdale Recovery Center is a great place to start. We will help you prevent a future relapse by identifying the triggers which have brought you down in the past.

Let Scottsdale Recovery Center help you to evict your “friend” from your life, because let’s get real—this addiction is no friend.

With Love, Passion and Light – Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC)


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