When you’re going through the recovery process for drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important you complete your recovery in total comfort. Our team at Scottsdale Recovery understands the importance of comfort and within this latest post, we’ll present our guide to finding luxury rehab centers.

Consider programs that offer extra therapy options

While traditional rehab centers might provide direct counseling as part of their service, luxury rehab centers and their staff go one step beyond this level. They provide additional therapy options such as pet therapy, which involves working with animals to achieve a sense of inner peace and comfort. Luxury rehab facilities might also offer art-based therapy, in which patients take their time to relax and enjoy a calming activity.

Review the environment

When finding luxury rehab centers, it’s important that you carefully consider the environment within the center. What kind of environment does the center provide and does it meet your comfort needs beyond the usual standard? For example, the higher caliber facilities will offer luxury bedding and a spa-like environment that helps uplift patients to improve their treatment experience.

Look for personalized care services

One area in which traditional care options and luxury rehab centers differ is in the style of care provided to each individual patient in the facility. It’s important that you find a facility that is able to offer personalized care services. They should be able to help you manage your diet and your exercise specifically for your own personal health needs as you go through the recovery process. They should also be able to help you resolve your own personal addiction issues rather than simply offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Ask about post-treatment options

When reviewing luxury care facilities make sure you ask about the options for you after the inpatient process has been completed. This can help you determine whether their team will provide care options beyond your stay within the facility. Oftentimes the best facilities offer a full range of counseling and post-treatment visitation options for their patients.

Our trusted team at Scottsdale Recovery Center is here to help you when choosing luxury rehab centers for your recovery process. To learn more, call us today.

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