So many great things have been happening in my life and I feel like sometimes i take my sobriety and personal recovery for granted. These things i speak of, such as new people in my life, my sister getting married to a great guy, my progress in school, my sober living house, my parents, my dogs, my health, my spiritual progress, etc…wouldn’t even be thoughts in my mind if i was the old Chris. Sometimes, especially as of late, ive been blessed with so much to be grateful for that it’s overwhelming. I have to stay grounded and surround myself with good people who do good things.

I dont really have a premise for this post, but just really wanted to put it out there how grateful I am for my life, how special my family is and how strongly I believe that nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by coincidence. The people we meet and form relationships with, the casual hello to a stranger, the smile from a dog, the saying thanks to somebody, the helping out someone in need….these things, for me personally is where I get the most satisfaction and happiness in my life; it’s what fortifies my spiritual foundation and raises my awareness for the existence of a higher power, whatever or whomever that may be!

Life is a trip, no regrets, live in the moment, tell your loved ones you love them as much as possible, say hello to a stranger, smile at a passer-byer, give a homeless person a dollar, mentor, volunteer..

goodnight yall, thx for reading.

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