Hello everyone (which means probably like 2 people!!)

You’d think after working out in the AM, then going back and swimming in the afternoon in 108 degree weather, I should be tired. Well, I’m not.

Today my sponsee “Steve” was released from the hospital where i picked him up. He’s back in my sober house, after 2 weeks in the ICU and a surgery to remove a cist in his lungs…BRUTAL. Thank God he’s still with us. I’m confident that this dude will, after he asks his HP to remove his resentments, reach his hand out to the newcomer and take him through the steps…and then the cycle continues.

Having a sponsee has put an entirely new perspective on this deal for me, especially when he almost died. God directed me to his bedroom that AM and together we saved my boy’s life!! This is powerful stuff! His bottom has been reached; stay tuned for the miracle to happen.

Shot out to the Mayflower Center in San Rafael, CA. Possibly the best drug/alcohol rehab centers in the world, in one of the coolest, classiest cities in Norcal…..www.mayflowercenter.com

lets get this blog out to the struggling alcoholic, pass it along to everybody you know!!




Scott Brandeberry and me in Vegas, awesome times!!!

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