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10,000 Beds for Recovery

When Chris Cohn, owner of Scottsdale Recovery Center, came across the 10,000 Beds program, he knew he had to join forces to serve the millions of people stuck in the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction – many who don’t have the resources to get the help they need.

Jean Krisle, founder, and owner of 10,000 Beds, created the program to support her own healing process by assisting others. She lost her son to drug addiction but through his commitment and her love, he thrives today. He remains the driving force in growing her addiction treatment resource base and community awareness across the United States. She does this by taking her commitment and compassion on the road, literally.

Bringing Need and Solutions Together

Through various non-profit channels, 10,000 Beds brings drug rehabs and patients together who otherwise, may never have had the opportunity to meet.

Addiction treatment facilities can participate through their: #OntheRoad4Recovery, #Walk4Recovery, #Scholarship4Recovery and donation programs. With the growing number of people suffering from opioid dependencies, the need is great. The time is now.

10,000 Beds partners with Scottsdale Recovery Center and other rehab facilities, providing various scholarships for people who desperately need medical detox, medically-assisted treatment and other treatments, holistic therapies, and sober living accommodations but don’t have the financial resources to get started and see the recovery through.

10,000 Beds

What People Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

Krisle wants to do everything in her power to communicate to those abusing drugs or alcohol, their parents, siblings, and friends the realities of how addiction, untreated, impairs personal livelihood and jeopardizes the family dynamic. She hopes to enlighten others, through education and shared stories, paving a way for positive intervention and the mechanism to engage the choice for a healthier, sober life.

Build Your Own Level of Awareness Before It’s Too Late

We invite you to join us for ongoing sobriety community events or meet up with the 10,000 Beds’ Big Blue RV on their many pit stops across the country. You’ll find the Scottsdale Recovery Center logo on it, a proud sponsor of their community outreach, and others who have graciously joined the fight to get reliable addiction treatment to those who genuinely want to recover, for a lifetime. Even if you are not an industry partner, you can help. Go to the 10,000 Beds donation page and do what you can, today.

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