There are breakthroughs in education, research and awareness about the damage that substance abuse can cause to communities across the United States. But based on the growing numbers of active drug addiction, rates of relapse and overdoses, optimism is hard to find. Until you meet Jean Krisle and 10,000 Beds. She has her own story about addiction but it is her resiliency and response to the national epidemic that gives her credence and some well-deserved attention. Scottsdale Recovery Center is proud to partner with this philanthropic force. Our only hope is that once you learn more about Krisle and her quest to provide recovery treatment for free, you’ll feel compelled to share it.

The Long, Winding Road of Addiction Treatment Recovery Stops Here

One of the biggest challenges that addicts face, when they’re ready for drug or alcohol detox and recovery, is to find a facility that will help. Many people don’t have the financial resources to pay for treatment. Even those who had gainful employment may have lost their health insurance, jobs or assets (including savings, personal property and homes) due to the trickle-down effect of addition and the loss of livelihood in themselves and their family members. Krisle sees this on her travels from state to state.

“Our mission is to help as many people as we can who have reached out for help, but have no resources of their own,“ said Krisle, adding “The saturation of addiction in our society. It’s everywhere – active or in recovery – you can’t speak to anyone or go anywhere it hasn’t affected.” This is part of what drives her and the 10,000 Beds non-profit from coast to coast, literally.

10,000 Beds brings a message of transparency, courage and faith to people across the country who know the horrors of the drug epidemic well. Krisle’s program is boots-on-the-ground, as she takes the 10,000 Beds’ Big Blue RV to neighborhoods, community centers, special events and health-based organizations providing stronger awareness about addiction and what needs to be done to get a handle on it and rise above.

Jean Krisle of 10,000 Beds

Jean Krisle, Founder & CEO, 10,000 Beds

Connecting addicts seeking treatment to the facilities that can offer help was an idea rooted in personal pain. “After dealing with my son’s addiction for years, I volunteered in treatment centers. I would hear calls come in from people who needed help but had no money or insurance. So most of the time, the treatment program couldn’t help them.” Krisle knew that with nowhere to go, these people would wind up on the streets, using and continuing the ugly cycle of addiction until their journey ended with incarceration or death. For her, it’s inhumane. Something needed to be done.

“I would also tour treatment programs and see empty beds that were going to waste. With so many people needing treatment, to me, the solution was obvious. From that need, I created 10,000 Beds,” Krisle stated, currently immersed in one of her On the Road 4 Recovery trips. I’m looking forward to meeting her and the program face-to-face at the Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC) this year.

More than Empty Beds, It’s About Quality Treatment Programs

When we first spoke with Krisle, she explained the process in being given the opportunity to partner with 10,000 Beds. SRC wanted to provide two treatment and recovery scholarships through her program. But Krisle doesn’t take just any rehab facility on board. She carefully vets the owners, reviews their accreditations and rehab service offerings, further protecting consumers and the addiction community. Because placing people in the wrong treatment doesn’t help anyone and instigates drug and alcohol relapse.

What does it take to be part of the 10,000 Beds affiliation? “Positive environment, dual diagnosis, structured program, caring staff and a clean facility”, Krisle lists. She does know what proper treatment and recovery entails as dual diagnosis (addiction with a mental illness) is common with drug or alcohol abuse.

The Catharsis of Sharing Stories and Grief

Jean Krisle touches many hands. It may have been unintended but her outreach is also a voice for addiction and recovery, for patients and the industry as a whole. I asked her about the road tours, and the impressions they continue to make on her as a person and as an advocate for better treatment and care of addicts.

“We most often speak with families of addicts – either addicts in active addiction, recovered addicts, or addicts we lost – and all stories are similar. Families feel guilty, wonder what THEY did wrong, and wish they could help others. And all express gratitude for a program like ours, and wish we had been around when they were looking for help,” Krisle adds, her heartfelt appreciation is obvious.

Acknowledge the Outrage – Take Part in the Outreach

10,000 Beds is gaining a lot of traction on a global scale. This year, it was invited to be part of the Choice Humanitarian Gala, presented by Choice Humanitarian, celebrating the people who make a difference through philanthropic efforts. Krisle has been involved with the organization for 30 years. In addition, she is also featured in the January 2018 cover story of Speaker Magazine.

Emotions run high in people affected by addiction. Jean Krisle and 10,000 Beds “have no plans to stop” their mission. She and the highly-reputable professionals at SRC want to know we have your support. Contact us for information on when 10,000 Beds will be at our rehab facility for a special event, or view our 10,000 Beds partnership page.

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