As I said in my intro, I plan on writing about the “horrors” of this business….I wasn’t expecting my first post to fall into this category. I was hoping to focus on the positive and inspirational aspects of things, but unfortunately that’s not the case today.
I came in this morning, as I do everyday to do some basic day-to-day operational stuff. I walked upstairs to say hello to the guys and noticed one of the rooms was locked. (Note to self-no more locks on clients doors) After a couple minutes of pounding on the door and yelling his name, I finally just broke it down. I found him laying half on the bed, half on the floor, with 3 empty pill bottles next to him. He was struggling to breathe; sounded like he had cotton candy in his throat. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head and he was white as a ghost. Thankfully he was breathing, so I put my thumb under his chin, closing his mouth a bit and that opened up his breathing passage. The Paramedics and cops came and took him away in a gurney, at this point he was still unconscious and struggling to breath.

WOW!!  I’m at the hospital right now waiting to see if he’s ok, nobody is giving me anything. I called his girlfriend and she is on her way over, I called his brother but he is out of the country. At this point all I can do Is pray and comfort his girlfriend. This person is not just a client, he’s a close friend whom I advised into checking into my sober house. His mother asked me if she thought it was a good idea to get him in the house, I replied yes.

more to come after i hear something,,,

“Thank you God for placing me in the house this morning, you may have just saved my boys life.”

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